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  • Cleantech University Prize Highlights Next Generation of Clean Energy Innovators June 24, 2016
    One of the formative moments in my career was participating in an Energy Department competition called FutureCar — known today as EcoCAR 3 — which challenges students to develop more fuel efficient and sustainable vehicles. Participating in that competition inspired me to pursue a career that addressed the toughest problems in sustainable transportation and clean […]
  • Tokyo Firm Taps Biomass in Japan for Market-Leading Gains June 24, 2016
    A little-known Tokyo-based company’s commitment to biomass has made it a darling among investors.
  • How Canada Went Geothermal, and How the US Will, Too June 24, 2016
    Ontario is going geothermal. The U.S. is shortly behind, and here’s why: Geothermal heat pumps provide the only reasonable solution to heating without combustion. Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan identifies geothermal 10 times as the go-to heating (and cooling) technology to reach its carbon reduction goals.
  • UK’s Renewable Energy Future Vulnerable Following Vote to Exit EU June 24, 2016
    Despite being an issue that knows no borders, affects all and is of vital interest to future generations, the environment was low on the agenda ahead of the UK's historic vote to leave the European Union. The short answer to what happens next with pollution, wildlife, farming, green energy, climate change and more is we […]
  • Natural Gas: Bridge or Barrier to a Clean Energy Future? June 24, 2016
    Much has been made of the use of natural gas as a bridge to a clean renewable energy economy. The primary argument in support of natural gas is the fact that it is cleaner than coal and can be conveniently and cost-effectively substituted for it in power generation. Although on its face true, the claim […]
  • Cost to Replace California Nuclear With Solar: $15 Billion June 23, 2016
    PG&E Corp.’s plan to shut California’s last nuclear power plant by 2025 would cost $15 billion if all its output is replaced with solar-generated electricity at current prices, according to Bloomberg Intelligence analysts.
  • World’s Longest Wind Turbine Blade Unveiled in Denmark June 23, 2016
    Offshore wind turbine provider Adwen and blade provider LM Wind Power have unveiled what they say is the longest wind turbine blade in the world.
  • More African Countries Embrace Geothermal Power, Receive $37M in Funding June 23, 2016
    The tiny East African countries of Rwanda, Djibouti and the Union of Comoros have joined the African league of geothermal power producers, in a field still dominated by Kenya after applying and getting funding to commence surface studies and drilling operations from the US$ 115 Geothermal Risk Mitigation Facility fund, which is administered by the […]
  • SunEdison CEO Chatila Resigns From Bankrupt Renewables Giant June 23, 2016
    Ahmad Chatila, chief executive officer of bankrupt clean-energy giant SunEdison Inc., has resigned. His last day was Wednesday.
  • The 100-MW Quaid-e-Azam Solar Power Plant Re-vamp — Earning Millions June 23, 2016
    The 100-MW Quaid-e-Azam Solar Power Plant, at Bahawalpur, was the first grid-connected IPP that was installed in 2015 and has been operational since August 2015, exceeding expectations and demands by NEPRA in terms of producing energy, GWhs, for the months with optimal solar irradiance and temperatures.
  • Sky-high solar power for South Bank Tower June 22, 2016
    London’s newly-redeveloped South Bank Tower will harness the power of the sun to light up its 193 luxury apartments, shops, restaurants and bars after a solar array was installed on the roof.
  • AES to Boost Generating Capacity in Brazil With Wind and Solar June 22, 2016
    AES Corp. is planning to expand into large-scale wind and solar energy in Brazil to boost its generating capacity in the country.