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Why Renewable Energy Sources Will Conquer Our World?

Biomass, hydroelectric, and solar and wind power are the renewable energy sources that being increasingly used all around the world. The reasons for their...

How Small Cities are Making Big Green Changes

When you think of cities that making big changes to end climate change, you think of the large cities across the globe. There are...






Tomorrow's Energy: Engineering That Protects the Future

Tomorrow’s Energy: Engineering That Protects the Future

Today's science and industry have been forced to face the fact that fossil fuels like oil and natural gas won't last forever. This is especially true given the growing population and...

The Green Nation of Liberland: Is 100% Sustainability Plausible?

When you type in the phrase “micronation” into the online version of the Oxford Dictionary, right under the definition of the actual phrase, you will see the mention of the Free...
The Devastating Impact Of Climate Change WorldWide

The Devastating Impact Of Climate Change WorldWide

We have all heard a lot of talk over the years about climate change and its impact. Sometimes it is possible to get swept away with rhetoric without actually fully understanding...


#TOP10 – The 10 Best Solar Power Bank For Cell Phones and More

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The 10 Best Solar Panel Kits For Small Businesses & Homes

Solar panels are no longer new in today's world technology. Solar panels are known to...

#TOP10 – The 10 Best Solar Lamp Posts To Lighten Your Garden

#TOP10 - The 10 Best Solar Lamp Posts To Lighten Your Garden What is a garden...

#TOP10 – The 10 Best Solar Charge Controllers For Solar Panel Systems

The 10 Best Solar Charge Controllers For Solar Panel Systems 1-RENOGY Solar Charge Controllers 2-WINDY NATION Solar Charge Controllers 3-SOLAR...

#TOP10 – The 10 Best Solar Grid Tie Inverters For Solar Panel Systems

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The 20 Best Solar Christmas Lights Ideal For Christmas Decorations

The 20 Best Solar Christmas Lights Ideal For Christmas Decorations. We all love christmas Days...

#TOP10 – The 10 Best Solar Water Heater Systems For Home & Camping

The 10 Best Solar Water Heater Systems. The road towards an Energy Efficient Homes becomes...

Solar Flashlight – The 10 Best Solar Powered Flashlights

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#TOP10 – The 10 Best GreenHouse kits

All the awareness out there to grow your own foods by yourself is increasing day...

#TOP10 – The 10 Best Solar Energy Books

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#TOP10 – The 10 Best Renewable Energy Books

#TOP10 - The 10 Best Renewable Energy Books.   Reading lights up your mind especially in the...

#TOP10 – The 10 Best Solar Chargers For Electronic Devices

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#TOP10 – The 10 Best Outdoor Solar Lights For Outdoor & Garden

Outdoor Solar Lights are essential for your house and outdoors especially if you have a large...
The 10 Best Geothermal Heat Pump

The 10 Best Geothermal Heat Pump Systems For Efficient Heating & Cooling

Are you looking for a smart and eco friendly way to heat up water at...

#TOP10 – The 10 Best Garden Windmills For Backyard Decoration

Garden windmills are the new way to decorate your garden at home,they are compatible with...

#TOP10 – The 10 Best Solar Garden Lights For You Garden

If you need lights for your garden then choosing solar lights is a great option...

#TOP10 – The 10 Best Tankless Water Heaters For Maximum Energy Efficiency

#TOP10 - The 10 Best Tankless Water Heaters For Maximum Energy Efficiency. Whatever you do today...

#TOP10 – The 10 Best Hanging Solar Lights For Your Garden

#TOP10 - The 10 Best Hanging Solar Lights. Hanging Lights are simply lights that you...

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  • US Offshore Wind Farms Will Be Constructed by US Oil and Gas Experts February 20, 2017
    Jeff Grybowski is CEO of Deepwater Wind, the company that built the first offshore wind farm in the United States, currently generating energy off the coast of Rhode Island. He’s not at all concerned about finding the supply chain to construct his next project, the 90-MW Deepwater ONE South Fork wind farm, which was approved […]
  • Could Rising Seas Yield Common Ground? Exploring Opportunities for Climate Collaboration with the Trump Administration February 20, 2017
    In May 2016, then-candidate Donald Trump released his America First Energy Plan, including a number of measures to be taken within the first 100 days of his presidency. Broadly speaking, these commitments reflect the intent of the Trump administration to deregulate domestic U.S. energy production to drive private sector growth for coal, oil, and natural […]
  • Europe to Lead Research Project for Energy Storage in Molten Silicon February 20, 2017
    The Technical University of Madrid last week said that it will work with seven European R&D institutions to develop a new generation of ultra-compact energy storage devices based in molten silicon and solid state heat-to-power converters.    
  • Sonnen Plans US Expansion for Home Battery Backup February 20, 2017
    Sonnen GmbH, a German manufacturer of batteries for residential and commercial energy storage, plans to combine research and manufacturing at a new facility in Atlanta as part of a U.S. expansion.    
  • Pruitt Confirmed as EPA Administrator February 17, 2017
    The U.S. Senate today approved Scott Pruitt as administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Xcel Energy Partners with FAA on Utility Drone Technology February 17, 2017
    Xcel Energy announced today a partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration to research the safe operation of drone technology to inspect critical infrastructure.
  • Race for Home Power Storage Pits British Startup Against Tesla February 17, 2017
    A U.K. energy-storage startup is aiming to take on Tesla Inc. in the competition to outfit homes with affordable backup battery power.
  • BP Weighing Upgrade of US Wind Turbines February 17, 2017
    BP Plc is weighing plans to update as many as 200 of its U.S. wind turbines with newer, higher-capacity equipment, a move that would represent the company’s biggest investment in renewable energy since its last wind farm came online in 2012. 
  • Environmental Regulation in the Age of Trump — Knot as Easy as They Thought February 17, 2017
    There is a lot of speculation surrounding the Trump administration’s intentions toward clean energy and environment policies and programs. Rumors abound of slashing budgets, firing personnel, gagging anyone left standing and ultimately dismantling EPA and federal renewable energy programs at the Department of Energy and elsewhere. 
  • Listen Up: Backup Power February 17, 2017
    We’re in the middle of winter — and there’s some serious precipitation. It’s snowing in much of the country, and California is finally getting a lot of rain. Although these storms are good for replenishing our water supplies, wind, rain and snow are the biggest causes of power failures.  
  • Improving Sustainability with Solar, Wind, and Waves February 17, 2017
    Switching to renewable energy is one of the best ways to save money on your electricity bills while also helping the planet. Thanks to an increased focus on renewable energy generation around the world, we now have the technology to harness energy from the sun, the wind, and even the ocean. Read on to learn […]
  • Geothermal, Small Wind Among Technologies to Benefit Under New Tax Credit Legislation February 17, 2017
    Reps. Tom Reed (R-N.Y.) and Mike Thompson (D-Calif.) this week reintroduced legislation that would extend through 2021 commercial and residential installation tax credits for geothermal heat pumps, fuel cells, microturbines, small wind and combined heat and power, according to the Geothermal Exchange Organization. 
  • Renewables — Profiting in the Era of Drones February 17, 2017
    In the modern age of solar 4.5 MW is not a big power plant, generally occupying less than 50 acres of land. But from the perspective of a field technician, size is all relative.
  • Update: Virginia Senate Passes Pumped Storage Bill, Moves to Governor for Signature February 16, 2017
    As a result of the Virginia Senate passing HB 1760 with only one no vote, the bill has moved to Governor Terry McAuliffe for signature.
  • 3@3 on Solar PV: Solar at $0.25 a Watt explained February 16, 2017
    Jenn Runyon, Chief Editor of Renewable Energy World and Paula Mints, Chief Market Research Analyst with SPV Market Research discuss three hot topics in the global solar industry for three minutes each. Today’s topics include the official numbers for China's annual installed capacity for 2016, how the solar industry deceives itself with "alternative facts," and […]
  • Solar Power Industry Conditions ‘Remain Challenging,’ SunPower CEO Says February 16, 2017
    SunPower CEO Thomas Werner yesterday said that while long-term growth prospects for the solar power industry are compelling, the near-term conditions “remain challenging.”