Solar Energy

173,000 terawatts of sun’s energy hits the earth continuously. 1.4kW per 1m²/h solar energy is received at top of the earth’s atmosphere.

Wind Energy

In 2017, wind power production finally overtook many other forms of renewable and fossil fuel energy around the world.


Reduce the amount of waste you make, by reducing the materials you use. Recycle and reuse them whenever it is possible.

Hydroelectric Energy

The earlier use of it was restricted To coastal regions, But In 2002 Offshore methods and techniques were started to be considered.

Job Creation

The USEER indicated that the renewable energy sector supported 677,544 jobs in the year 2016. this was a significant 6 percent increase from 2015.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency reduces greenhouse gas emission by decreasing consumption and peak demand , thereby delaying or avoiding capacity upgrades.