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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Get Money Back For Greening Your Home

With the painfully slow but, nevertheless, the gradual rise of environmental awareness, an increasing number of people is contemplating the idea of putting in...


The 20 Best Solar Christmas Lights Ideal For Christmas Decorations

The 20 Best Solar Christmas Lights Ideal For Christmas Decorations. We all love christmas Days ,That special time of the year we all celebrate...

Solar Panels Are Popping Up in the Most Unlikely Places

Greenhouse gas emissions and finite fossil fuel resources have provoked one of the most necessary and overdue global movements. And people, governments and corporations...



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  • “Good Practice Of The Year” Award  — Call For Submissions December 15, 2017
    The call for submissions for the 5th annual "Good Practice of the Year" award is now open until February 16th, 2018! The competition rewards those who dare to think outside the box when it comes to creating the grid for the energy transition
    The Beam
  • NERC Highlights Importance Of Providing Essential Reliability Services In Wake Of Decreasing Coal & Nuclear December 15, 2017
    The North American Electric Reliability Corporation, the independent body given authority over grid reliability, has published its 10-year forecast and highlighted the "unique set of challenges" facing the American bulk power system in the face of decreasing nuclear and coal sources and increasing natural gas and renewables. 
    Joshua S Hill
  • Are Gas Prices Keeping You Away From Your Airplane December 15, 2017
    We’d love to have asked that question here on CleanTechnica but we’re not sure how many of you own an airplane. However, our friends at Plane & Pilot Magazine did ask that question. And the answer didn’t surprise us too much. It does spell good news for the electric airplane (e-plane) industry. Is The Price […]
    Nicolas Zart