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A Symbol For All People: The Planet Earth Flag

A Symbol For All People: The Planet Earth Flag

What do you think about when your national flag passes by? Your country’s proud history, perhaps? Its national identity? The ideals and dreams of its...


Solar Companies in California Are Paying to Give Away Power |...

You may have heard the price of solar is falling due to technological improvements and other factors. Economists expect this trend as new technologies...

The Future of Solar Energy Industry Is Diverse

The solar energy industry has been growing by average rate of 68 percent every year since 2006. Solar hasn’t just been getting more common— it’s...




Here’s What You Need To Know About Climate Change Denial

A study has shown that 97% of researchers believe that climate change is human-induced and an imminent threat to our planet. 1200 peer reviewed...
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#TOP10 - The 10 Best Garden Windmills For Backyard Decoration

#TOP10 – The 10 Best Garden Windmills For Backyard Decoration

Garden windmills are the new way to decorate your garden at home,they are compatible with the new hype around renewable energy industry through the past few years. It has been said that...
How Wind Turbines work

How Wind Turbines Work

How Wind Turbines Work. If you've taken a road trip through California or Texas, you've almost certainly seen wind turbines. Wind turbines are large, magnificent tools that help power our world...
#TOP10 - The 10 Best Small Wind Turbines For Home Use

#TOP10 – The 10 Best Home Wind Turbines For Home Use

You might be looking for an efficient and clean way to produce electricity at your house ,Well that became possible nowadays as the technology made our life even easier and brought...

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