The 10 Best Solar Backpacks Suitable For Outdoor Activities.
The 10 Best Solar Backpacks Suitable For Outdoor Activities. Voltaic Systems solar backpack.


Ghostek NRGsolar Series 40L Eco Computer Laptop Messenger Backpack Book Bag + 16,000mAh Power Bank with 5 USB Ports | Water Resistant | 8.8-Watt Solar Panel | Laptops Up To 15.6″ (Black) (Apparel)

Color: Black 40L Capacity | Water Resistant | 16,000mAh Battery + 8.8-Watt Solar Panel 5 USB Ports Total (2-Ports On Solar Panel, 2-Ports Inside Backpack, 1 External Port) | 15.6″ Laptop Compartment + Multi-Compartments | Integrated LED Power Bar Indicatorr
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Voltaic Systems – OffGrid 10 Watt Solar Panel Backpack with Backup Battery Pack and Dual USB – Matte Black | Powers Phones, USB Devices, & More | Charge Your Device as Fast as at Home

Take power anywhere with the redesigned OffGrid Solar Backpack. With 10 Watts of high-efficiency solar power, the OffGrid charges smartphones, DSLR cameras and other USB devices as fast as at home.

Featuring a removable high-capacity battery pack and dedicated storage for all your gear, this solar powered backpack is perfect for everyday adventures.

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Artix Solar Powered Charger Backpack | Commuter Charging Laptop Bag | Perfect for Work, School, Travel, Hiking, & Biking (Electronics)

Artix understands your smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices are a part of you. We know you need to stay plugged in at all times to avoid missing out. We know you are always scared of running out of power and that you secretly carry around a charger everywhere you go. Let go. We have you covered. Built to keep you on the go, to make sure you never miss another opportunity for a Facebook check in or Instagram post, the Artix Solar Power Backpack ensures that you stay on the grid, wherever you go. With the Artix Solar Panel Eco-Friendly Backpack, you will never have to be left without power again! This convenient, comfortable, and energy efficient pack allows for you to have a constant power supply anywhere daylight is available. We love our environment and what better way to show that than offer natural energy to help keep all your favorite devices fully charged and ready for use? Perfect for all your outdoor activities from hiking and biking to overnight camping in the woods, this water-resistant durable bag ensures the safety of all your supplies and smart devices. Simply unfold the attached solar panel and face it towards natural sunlight. Use the built in USB port to plug your device in and your device will begin to charge. Don’t worry about getting lost in the woods once your GPS dies. Just plug your headphones in and you will always have the peace of mind of being able to charge up on the go.
List Price: $79.99 USD
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Sunrise Solar Backpack with Built-in Solar Panel and a 4000mAh Power Bank to Charge Smart Phones, Consumer Electronics, an Awesome Pocket for 15.6-Inch Laptop (Wireless Phone Accessory)

Sunrise Solar Backpack
Sunrise Solar Backpack is a genuine solar charger backpack with built-in solar panel and battery bank. It has a perfect stand-up shape, no more assembly.

Charge by Solar Panel
4W 22% high transfer efficiency monocrystal solar cells, max current 910mA

Charge by DC charger
Micro USB Input Port 5V / 1.5A

Charge Your device
Output 5V / 2.4 max

? Charge Your Passion anytime with Sunrise Solar Charger Backpack.

List Price: $199.00 USD
New From: $76.00 USD In Stock
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Solar Panel Backpack with 5000mAh USB Charger Power Pack Adapter, LC-dolida Waterproof Collapsible Hiking Daypacks Bag for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Smartphones and Tablets, Grey

Solar Panel Backpack with 5000mAh Battery Power Charger, LC-dolida Detachable Waterproof Collapsible Solar Powered Hiking Daypacks for Cellphone Charging for Camping, Cycling, Outdoor Sports
List Price: $49.99 USD
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SolarGoPack Solar Powered Backpack / 7 Watt Solar Panel and 10K mAh Charging Battery Daypack / Phone and Electronic Device Power Charger Back Pack / Army Green

Enjoy free unlimited on-the-go power with this SolarGoPack solar panel backpack! This solar charging backpack uses the power of the sun to keep electronic devices such as smartphones, GPS units, tablets, E- readers, Bluetooth speakers, cameras, and more powered up and ready for use. This is the perfect choice for any outdoor or travel enthusiast, who doesn’t have easy access to a power outlet. It comes with plenty of pockets and compartments for maps, documents, and other essential gear. It’s made of a high-quality, rugged fabric making it great for backpacking, trekking, mountaineering, fishing, biking, and so much more. This fabric is made of a rip and water resistant nylon and poly fabric. The design has stress points that are reinforced with bar tacking for increased longevity and padded straps for comfortability. Also, since it is a ultra-light and ultra-durable, it’s an ultra-awesome backpack that is perfect for day-to-day use, outdoor activity, or travel, making it a great gift for any age as a daypack, hiking backpack, school bookbag, or even as a functional travel bag.
List Price: $100.00 USD
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CHOETECH 24W Solar Charger Backpack Kit for iPhone, iPad, Samsung and Other USB Compatible Devices (Wireless Phone Accessory)

Perfect Outdoor Kit
CHOETECH provides a perfect charging kit for outdoor enthusiasts with a 24W Solar Charger and a Packable Backpack.

Solar Charger Features
– Delivers up to 24W power and charging speed up to 2.4A per port or 4A overall under direct sunlight.
– Adopts SunPower solar panels with high conversion efficiency up to 23-24%, much higher than common solar chargers.
– With dual USB outputs, provides enough power to charge two devices at a time.
– Constructed with PET laminated solar panels with high-wear PVC fabric, ensures waterproof and weather-resistant durability.
– Built-in a voltage regulator with 5V output, which works for most of devices that require 5V power.
– Foldable design for easy carry and storage.

Solar Panel Power: 24W(Max.)
Conversion Efficiency: Up to 23-24%
Output Voltage: DC 5V
Max. Output for Each Port: 2.4A
Total Output: 4A
Unfolded Size: 790mm*260mm*20mm
Folded Size: 260mm*160mm*40mm

1. Please try to open the solar panel in full size and let it exposed to the sun directly.
2. Ability to charge your device depends on the intensity of sunlight.
3. The solar charger might not work well in cloudy days.
4. It is recommended to use this solar charger together with a power bank, so the power generated by the solar panel can be saved and stored.
5. To ensure best performance, we strongly suggest charging your device with original cable or a third-party certified cable.

List Price: $120.00 USD
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SolarSak External Frame Camping / Hiking Hydration Backpack With Water Filtering System – Water Resistant with a 7W Solar Panel Charger – 1L water bladder, Sun Straw filter w/ TPU straw, Rain Pouch

About SolarSak’s Solar Powered Hydration Backpacks

Are you looking for the perfect backpack to take with you on your next adventure?
How about a bag that isn’t clunky to lug around and will keep your belongings protected at the same time?

Look no further, SolarSak’s solar powered hydration backpacks are just what you need.
With its slick lightweight external frame design, water resistant properties, hydration bladder support, and powerful solar panels to keep your phone charged, this backpack is sure to fit all your outdoor needs.

Whether you are trekking through the Himalayas, hiking on the Inca Trail in Peru, cycling through Western Europe,
or simply going for a day hike at the mountains near your neighborhood, we’ve got you covered.

This backpack is big enough to carry all your necessary belongings, strong enough to withstand most weather conditions, and
lightweight/adjustable enough to keep you comfortable and enjoying the outdoors.


  • Capacity: 42L
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 22.84″ x 13.39″ x 5.91″
  • Weight: 3.32lb
  • Material: 55% Nylon and 45% Poly
  • Solar Panel: Removable 7W power
  • Charger: Charge your cell phones and other 5V devices
  • Hydration Support: Supports hydration bladder pack

Inside the Package

SolarSak backpack equipped with survival whistle, rain cover, 1 rain pouch, and reflective patches.
SUN PIECE 7W waterproof removable solar panel.
SUN STRAW attachable water filtering system with 1L hydration bladder
Mini USB cord
User Guide with FAQ’s.

SolarSak’s Guarantee

Order with confidence! Your order is backed by our 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.
What are you waiting for? Get yours today and take your hiking experience to the next level!

List Price: $189.99 USD
New From: $129.99 USD In Stock
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SUNNYBAG Explorer Noir (Wireless Phone Accessory)

Cold Pressed and Naturally Refined. NON GMO Verified. Panels – rugged monocrystalline solar panels with 5000 mW total peak output at 6V.
List Price: $99.00 USD
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iLive Electronics ILIVE-IABB56B Bluetooth Solar Back Pack USB Cable (Electronics)

Bluetooth Solar Backpack Safely tuck away your phone tablet or other mobile device in the backpack and recharge using the built-in 5V solar panel charger After the sun goes down use the included 4000 mAh USB power bank Micro USB to USB charging cable included
List Price: $99.99 USD
New From: $99.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock



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