If you want to save water and make use of sustainable materials, there’s hardly a batter place within your home to do so than your bathroom. With this in mind, here are several easy ways to make your restroom considerably greener.

Choosing Wood Floors

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Provided that you decide on one of the sustainably harvested varieties, wood can be a splendid solution for a greener bathroom.  Prior to making your purchase, you should look for a label stating that the material is approved by the relevant forest stewardship council which states it was harvested responsibly from the areas that aren’t protected or from the trees that aren’t endangered. You can also go for salvaged or recycled wood floors.  
In case the water factors worries you, you just have to add a coat of varnish or boat shellac to the wood for increased protection. Alternatively, you can purchase wood floors that were commercially sealed with a no-VOC earth-friendly water sealer.

Installing a Smart Toilet
Staged bathroomIn addition to features such as heated seats and temperature control, the new generation of toilets allows us to control the quantity of water we use to flush. There are even some smartsolutions with a sink placed on top of the water tank. Clean water goes through the pipe and into the sink, and once you have washed your hands, this water flows directly into the toilet tank,where you can then use it to flush, conserving thousands of liters of water each year.


Switching to Motion Sensor Taps
Keeping the water running while you are shaving or brushing your teeth means that you are wasting enormous quantity of water. Is there a solution? Motion-activated taps, as those you’ve probably seen in public restrooms, are now also available in domestic versions, coming in a wide scope of sleek designs and materials, and some of them are adjustable, allowing you to control exactly how long the water will run. If you can’t install them on your own, you can always call out bathroom renovation professionals to get the job done.

Showering Sensibly

If you are one of those people who enjoy spending good half an hour under running water,timed showers may come as something of a shock to you, at least until you realize how much you can save on your water bill every month. The market abounds in shower timers, and all you have to do is simply connect the timer to your shower, and it will then automatically switch off the water supply once the programmed time limit have been reached.

Or you can try one of those smart products as
 WaterPebble, a small plastic device that you put 
on the floor while showering. This gadget measures the amount of water you are using and turns orange, and eventually red, if you are overdoing it. Another water-saving option is tore place your old showerhead with its modern, high-efficiency counterpart. These state-of-the-art devices can save an average family of four more than 100 liters of water every day.
What’s best, you can find them in almost every home improvement center and they are a quick and easy to install.


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