9 Ways To Save Water


Queen DropWater is the true basis of life and also one of the most precious natural resources. Less than 1% of the Earth’s water is drinkable and we should all contribute with a little something in order to preserve these resources. According to research of the United Nations more than one billion people worldwide have no access to clean water that is suitable for drinking.

So, what can we all do in order to help saving one of the most significant resources for the sake of our lives and the lives of our children? Were we can offer you some useful tips that will help you create your water-saving habits.

tap waterIt is important to understand that each and every one of us can contribute to the preservation of the world’s water resources without putting any limitations. This way we will all help keeping the water in nature, and this on the other hand will save us a lot of energy and chemicals for tidy cleaning, not to mention that it will considerably reduce our monthly bills.


Here Is What We Can Do In Order To Save Some Water In Our Everyday Life

Water – Why Saving It !? Did you know that a dripping tap can make over ten gallons of water leak per day? That is why you should close the taps well.

If there is a leak in your home, make sure you repair it. This way you will not be wasting any water and you will pay only for the amount of water that you have really used.

You are wondering what is the reason to pay bills this high? Well, you can blame your taps for that. The calculation is easy. If there are twenty drops of water coming from a tap in your home, you will pay an additional 4,600 liters of water annually. And we all know that taps rarely drip only twenty drops per minute. Think about that.

The leaks are not always visible. How could you tell if there is a leak in your home? Before going to work, detect the digits of your water-meter. After you come back home re-detect the digits and see if there is a difference. If the numbers don’t match, there is obviously some kind of a problem.

The thing in your home that consumes most water is your toilet tank. Considering the point that it takes more than 30% of your whole water consumption, you need to check if there is a leak, too. Make a simple test –put in the tank some harmless dye and wait for a couple of hours. If there is a leak, you can be absolutely sure that there will appear some dye stains. After making this test, run the water from the tank in order to prevent permanent stains appear on the surface of your toilet. And make sure you repair or replace that tank.

Water – Why Saving It !?Don’t leave the water of the sink flow for more than a few seconds and make sure you close the taps while you are brushing your teeth, for example.

– Soak the dishes before washing them. This way you won’t need to run more water while washing them.

Do not miss your daily shower but don’t forget the water running while you are shampooing your hair.

Use a big bowl filled with water to wash your fruits and vegetables and don’t put them into running water.

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