An Insight into Sustainable PackagingAll of us that care about the world we live in are aware of the current dangers for our future. If not, a mere glance on articles, news and blogs about protecting the environment would tell you that we are running out of natural resources, basically due to disproportional taking and not nearly enough giving, to put it simply. That is if you do not count giving back something that cannot be used at all. Yes, you must have seen, to name just a few, those islands of plastic bags and bottles floating our rivers, lakes and oceans. Well, what can an individual do, you may ask? For a start, read this article and gain insight into sustainable packaging and start implementing at least some of the recommendations. 


The Term
An Insight into Sustainable PackagingSustainable packaging is not just a final product. It covers production, marketing placement, materials used and reusability potential. All these segments are equally important when it comes to the general idea of sustainable packaging. The production process must be energy efficient, using renewable energy or alternative fuels. Marketing is focused on environmental friendly media, such as Internet and radio. The materials used need to be recyclable, biodegradable and none polluting. Additional emphasis is put on the reusability potential of packaging in general.


An Insight into Sustainable PackagingGoals of sustainable packaging in general are threefold. It needs to be cost effective, functional and aimed at benefiting the environmental and human health. To be able to achieve its final goal it needs to be successful in achieving the other two. Naturally, if the product is not functional it will not gain broader implementation, which applies to production costs and final price; if it is too high the placement would be inadequate and the general impact unregistered.


An Insight into Sustainable PackagingThere are many great examples of sustainable packaging that incorporate not only the sustainability idea but are also very innovative and highly practicable. For example, did you know that a champagne bottle made of potato starch and recycled paper holds the temperature up to two hours upon being taken out of refrigerator? Furthermore, in a recent conversation with highly-rated suppliers of plastic pallets I found out that, despite the fact that significant steps were made when it comes to recycling plastic, there is still room for improvement and that their goal is aimed at offering some original and innovative products, which is always a recipe for success.


Regulative and Perspective
An Insight into Sustainable PackagingThe rules and procedures related to sustainable packaging products are set by governments of individual countries and local community regulatory bodies. However, those are the fundamentals, original ideas, especially when it comes to promotion and introducing new sustainable packaging products are not predefined or limited. They are also a good opportunity of attracting new customers by sending a clear sign that you really care about their future.  Furthermore, if your company is looking for potential investors, the fact that you are an environmentally responsible company certainly sends positive feedback. Next, more and more countries and cities offer tax discounts to environmentally oriented companies that are sustainable at any stage of production. 


As you can see, sustainable packaging is beneficial to all participants in the production chain, the company owners and workers, human population and our world in general. There could not be any better reason than this to take sustainable packaging in strong consideration.


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