Eco Friendly Business Ideas You Can Do‏Being eco-friendly is something that most people usually tie to recycling and that is where most of the associations pretty much stop. But being eco-friendly is not just picking up trash or recycling, there are plenty of eco-friendly businesses that you can get into which will not only allow you to earn money but also reduce the carbon foot print and help the planet. Here are some of the most popular business today that have the tendency to only get even bigger in the future.

recycling 2
The first thing that anybody today ties to being eco-friendly and going green is recycling, but did you know that this can also become a reliable source of income? Recycling and garbage disposal are one of the fastest growing industries that you can get into. There are a lot of startup companies that you can use as entry financial point.  If you want to start your own business from the start up you can do that as well but you will have to compete with the already established local disposal companies. A much better solution would be to invest the money into a company that needs financial resources and then increase your ownership over time.

Organic Food
organic food
Nothing will really get you in contact with nature like growing fruits and vegetables ad this is precisely what organic food manufacturing will allow you to do. The Organic food today is one of the fastest growing food industries. The quality of the vegetables and fruits grown in organic manner is light years above standard industrial growing that involves a lot of chemicals and focused high pressure hydroponic growth.

The best thing about this particular idea is that you can start organic garden up with minimal investment. You can grow small amount and offer it to local restaurants and only then proceed to expand if the idea really suits you.

Solar Energy
solar energy
Solar energy has been growing exponentially in the last couple of years, in spite of the extremely low price of oil, a lot of countries are investing more and more into the solar energy. You can get into solar energy production and most governments will even give you a lot of subsidies if you decide to go full solar. At the same time if you start selling some of the energy back to the state you can expect a lot of additional tax breaks and similar advantages. Most of the states today even go as far as to greatly simplify the loan procedures for starting up companies that deal with solar energy production. Should you master the maintenance tasks related to the solar technology you can even get into repairing and maintaining some of the numerous solar farms that are becoming extremely popular investment opportunities.

Bio Fuel Manufacturing
One of the best alternatives to dirty fuel sources like oil and gas are the numerous bio fuels that are being developed every day. Various types of processed plant oils and similar fluids are used as a reliable and highly sought after fuel that can easily replace the dirty fuel sources. Growing plants like corn, soy and similar plants will allow you to start refining them or simply sell them to refining companies that can turn them into bio fuel.

Office Designer
Office Designer
Eco-Friendly office design can really change the overall power and carbon signature that once building has. When you have the power to decide where various items will go you can really change the way certain building uses power and reduce it if you are smart. Arranging everything in certain office from fireproof safes to furniture made from recycled materials can really help air circulation and change how much energy is used in heating or cooling the overall space.

Green Building Contractor
Green Building Contractor 2
You would be surprised just how much you can help out the nature if you decide to go green with your contracting business. Building homes and buildings with second hand materials will not only save you a lot of time but also allow you to save quiet a lot of money. With proper architect support and planning you can build houses and building that can easily go full green and use very little energy. Few other jobs will allow you to reduce the overall carbon foot print on this planet as building development will.

Going green and finding a business that really suits your taste and help the nature is by far one of the best things that you can do today. At the same time this is the best time to do it as more and more governments have to deal with the global warming problems, many of them will offer you various advantages to any business that start going green. Therefore, going green is the way to profit and feel good about it.


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