How Does Geothermal Energy Work?


In Fact, Geothermal Energy could be found everywhere on earth, but in order to generate an electric energy to a power station, the temperature must be very high which it could be found on few places on earth.

Therefore too many features must be considered in order to make a hydrothermal (Hot Water) geothermal resource And They are :

1-A Large Heat sources.
2-A Supply of water.
3-A permeable reservoir.
4-A Layer of Rocks

How Does The Process Work?

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First, Water Arrives as rains, It Starts to get through the fractures in the earth all the way deep into the formation of the earth where it comes to contact with the heated rocks,

After This Connection the water becomes Very hot, The permeable layers with its low resistance give a path to this hot water to rise to the surface.

As it rises it starts to lose its pressure until it reaches the boiling point for its temperature, Then it flashes to steam which appears like a steam-heated pool.

Types Of Geothermal Energy Resources

In the last few years Hydrothermal were considered to be the only  geothermal systems resources, but now there are three different other recourse have been discovered lately and They are :

1-Hot Dry Rock “HDR”.
3-Magma Energy.


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