Memphis Pool | Water Slide | Getwell, TN | Memphis, TN | Swimming Pool Features & AccentsThere’s no denying the fact that having a concrete pool in your yard is really a privilege. But did you know there are different things you can do to make your oasis of joy more earth-friendly? Here are some of them.



Once you have decided to have a concrete pool built on your property and customized it into something unique, you should consider certain aspects of its construction. In a recent conversation with the people from Sidney-based pool builders Palm Pools & Spas, I learned about the importance of using environmentally friendly pool construction techniques. What this practically means is that your pool has to be built in line with policies of sustainable development and resource conservation.

The company of your choice should consistently ensure that all process in its manufacturing facilities are in accordance with eco-friendly practices, such as the use of recycled materials and It eliminates the need to flush chemical waste into the sewer system and the installation of cutting-edge filtration systems that reduce water use.

If you want to use your concrete pool for the best part of the year, you have to choose a heating option. With this in mind, you should know that solar energy is definitely the purest way to accomplish this.

The most frequently employed solar option is the use of unglazed solar heat collectors, where pool water circulates through the collectors when it’s sunny and the filter pump serves as the solar collector circulator. This lovely online tool will tell you how many solar panels you need for your pool.

Using glazed flat plate collectors to heat your pool indirectly through the external heat exchanger is another common solar heating option, allowing the collector system to operate all year round, even in freezing weather.

The collectors are usually filled with a pressurized propylene glycol mixture that feeds the hot side of your pool heat exchanger, while the filter pump circulates pool water on the cool side of the exchanger.

The latest fad in the solar pool heating is the use of the so-called “warm floor” systems, where concrete pools that are constructed on-site are built with same elements as slab-on-grade radiant heated floors.

When it comes to eco-friendly furniture for your poolside, there’s plenty to choose from. If you are into natural stuff, you should probably go for bamboo, as grows incredibly fast and few or no pesticides are used for its cultivation.

Because of this, It is easy to maintain a healthy bamboo forest, but special attention should be paid not to harvest it too fast as it can deplete soil fertility. Here are some handy tips on maintaining your bamboo furniture, which will certainly prolong its life span and contribute to environmental protection even further.

You can also opt for the materials such as metal and plastic which are considered earth-friendly because they are recyclable. Recycled materials demand fewer resources and less processing, and they are also constantly going up in quality as technologies are improving.

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