Depending on where you live, your summers can be classified as hot and hotter. Yes, there seems to be no place on Earth where the temperatures can be considered decent during June, July and August, all thanks to global warming and ozone depletion. Because of this, we have to figure out more effective ways to cool our homes and, if possible, try to avoid receiving huge electric bills. Another thing we have to take into consideration is the green effect of this operation and we should try to save the environment as much as possible. Here are some of the eco-friendly ways to cool down.


Enclosed Space
New Air Conditionar is finally in!!! Time for Bed!
If you cannot afford to keep your A/C unit running all day, this is the easiest solution against extreme heat. Adjust your windows and doors so that they let the minimum of heat in and keep your home dark and cool. Moreover, employ shutters and heavy curtains since they provide additional protection against heat. Among other energy-efficient methods of suppressing heat  are blinds, panels and shades. They all reflect the waves of the Sun and prevent the heat from entering your home. This method will turn your rooms into a Batcave and you will be completely protected – add it costs clost to nothing and does not harm the environment.

Additional Layers of Protection

This is probably the most effective way to lower the temperature in your home – if an insulation job is done properly, the differences you will feel will surely exceed your expectations. The problem with thermal insulation is that you initially have to invest some money, but it pays off more and more after each year and initial costs are thus lowered over time. This type of insulation can be done by using various materials that all ensure high quality results, but if you are looking for green solutions, you might want to stick to wool, cotton, cork and plastic. These are all easy to find, often recycled, so they are cheaper, too.

Overhead Cooling

When talking about ceiling fans, most people have a problem with the fact that they are not as popular today as they used to be a couple of decades ago. However, just because there are newer cooling-down methods does not mean that some of the old ones are useless. On the contrary, ceiling fans have already made a comeback on the global market.

The best things about them is efficiency – based on the opinions of people who use them, they are just as good as A/C units when it comes to temperature. However, when speaking of finances, these fans are much cheaper and do not cost more than $20 on a monthly basis. Ultimately, due to their eco-friendliness, ceiling fans might be the best solution as they keep you cool for a considerable amount of money.

Regulate Inside Heat

Finally, probably the simplest method of regulating temperature is limiting the inside heat, i.e. the heat that comes from things inside your house. Electrical devices like TV, washing machine, dishwasher, stove and cooker produce additional heat without you noticing. What you can do to regulate this is to unplug them when they are not being used and, especially, when the temperatures are high. The same goes for the lights – do not turn them on unless you really have to. Whether you are using small desk lamps or much more complex lighting solutions, make sure to use truly green bulbs with them, advise reputed Australia’s retailers of chandelier lights.


Twofold Outcome

Green Ways to Cool Down Your Home
With all of these techniques, you will simultaneously achieve two positive outcomes – lower the temperature at your home and also affect your usage of electricity. Furthermore, in addition to saving your monthly budget, you will help save the Earth.


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