There’s nothing like enjoying the evening summer scent while relaxing in the pleasant setting of your own backyard. In order to achieve the perfect look for your garden bliss this summer, go green in your gardening skills and make the most of your own little piece of nature while staying eco-friendly.

Beer As a Natural Pesticide

Green Ways To Summerfy Your Backyard Garden
During summer time, the number of little pests that can attack your cherished plants and flowers usually gets really high. There’s no need to panic and use of some toxic pesticides that not only cause harm to the environment but your own health, too. Instead, use beer. Fill the pot with beer and leave it overnight in the garden. Small pests are attracted to this liquor which will cause them to go near the pot, get three sheets to the wind, and most likely, drown, without even touching your plants.

Solar Lights Save Energy

Green Ways To Summerfy Your Backyard GardenThe atmosphere that well-placed lights can provide in the garden can be of great value for anyone looking to get their own piece of mind in a pleasant and comfortable garden setting during hot summer nights. There’s no need to waste precious energy on lighting up your garden. Turn to the natural source of light instead and incorporate your own little sun rays by using solar lights that would generate enough power during the day to keep your garden illuminated at night.

Use Terra Cotta Pots

Green Ways To Summerfy Your Backyard Garden
Even though plastic plant pots are really cheap and readily available, plastic pots are full of toxins that can harm the environment. Opt for terracotta pots instead, since they are completely eco-friendly. What’s more, you can make your terracotta pots yourself and have great fun doing so along with decorating the pots the way you want afterwards. Using terracotta pots is also cost-efficient in the long run since these pots are extremely durable and weather-resistant, and in case of breaking they can be repaired relatively easily and cheaply.

Put Some Effort In Your Garden

Green Ways To Summerfy Your Backyard GardenYou can respect the ways of green living by simply taking good care of your garden or backyard. If you tend to your garden regularly, it will become a stress-relief technique and it won’t require a lot of your time after a while. Therefore, make sure to get your hands on all the necessary tools you would need for a proper garden maintenance and enjoy the moments you spend there even more, knowing that you were the one who made it all possible.

Greener Grass With Tea Bags

Green Ways To Summerfy Your Backyard GardenEveryone loves fresh vibrant green grass especially since the green color is known to have a calming effect on the human mind. If you notice that your grass’s green is fading or have a few bare spots here and there in the lawn, do not rush to plant new seeds immediately. The problem might lie in the soil. Quick fix for this issue is using the tea bags to make the soil more fertile and the grass greener. Basically, tea is not only full of beneficial properties for human health, it can also improve the health of other plants too. It contains enough nutrients to help the grass grow better and make it greener than ever.

Make sure never to leave anything that might pose harm to the environment after backyard barbecues or other outdoor activities. If you treat the nature well, you will get your fair-share of the benefits in return. Moreover, green ways that can bliss out your garden might find their way into other aspects of your life, making your whole lifestyle healthier and more environmentally aware.