eco houseIf you live in a cold country, heating can become one of the top worries throughout wintertime. We always need to find the best way to make the heating matter as cost effective and as efficient as possible. This is why we are searching for green, clean and affordable home heating options. Luckily, there are many we can turn to.

Just a reminder: before you decide on any heating option, the first thing you need to do is do heating check-up, that is have a professional go around your house and see what all should and needs to be done. Once you’ve sorted that out, you are ready for browsing through your options. And here they are:

Energy-Efficient Furnaces and Boilers
Recent years have brought a dramatic increase in efficiency to furnaces and boilers. It is now possible to save up a lot of money with the proper model installed. You should consult with people from the industry about the type of heater to go for. Sometimes is better to replace a current heater with a new one. Even though it looks like an unnecessary splurge, it’s actually cost-effective on the long run.

Feature to first consider is direct venting as it is multifunctional – not only it reduces cold air leakage into a home during winter but it also dramatically reduces the potential for indoor air pollution.

The heater is also an important segment to think of; choose the one with an electronic ignition instead of a pilot light as it is considerably more efficient.

Don’t forget to consider other energy features that would save you both money and reduce pollution,features like more efficient heat condensers and ex-changers.

Wood Heat
These heaters often come with a fan that makes air circulation possible which further improves their efficiency. As for pollution, you shouldn’t be worried – these new models are much more efficient than their predecessors. Still, justWood Heat like their predecessors – they zone heat, meaning they primarily heat the rooms in which they are located.

Another tiny problem with wood stoves is that they require a considerable amount of work. Apart from cutting and stacking trees, you also need weekly cleaning of the stove to remove ash. Also, unfortunately, they can be really dangerous – they are likely to cause house fires if the flue pipe is not cleaned regularly or if the stove is not installed properly. It can also cause burns.

Heat Pumps
Least environmentally damaging yet most efficient are heat pumps. They come in two varieties: air-source and ground-source.

Even on cold days, heat pumps will draw heat out of the atmosphere and concentrate the heat using refrigeration technology. The heat will then be distributed through the house, most often through a duct system or through pipes.

Pumps also concentrate heat from the earth. This is accomplished through vertically or drilled wells that typically run a couple of hundred feet deep. In addition, heat pumps can be used for heating in hot water systems in places where solar water heaters would not be suitable.

Solar Hot Air
If you are looking for most cost-effective and easiest mean of heating, you’ve got it! Solar Hot Air system consists of solar panelcollectors that are often mounted on south-facing walls of homes. Truth is, they are usually used as supplemental heat sources. During winter days when low-angled sun rays shine, they fall on the collectors and heat them.

Good thing is they are fairly inexpensive. If you want to do your own installing, you won’t have much problem. Provided you have good knowledge of home construction and good carpentry skills, you’re set!


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