Having a Truly Earth-Friendly Bathroom is Easier than You ThinkHaving a Truly Earth-Friendly Bathroom is Easier than You Think.

You can contribute to the rainforest protection cause and fight the greenhouse gases even without leaving your own home. If you want to become more environmentally engaged, you can start by changing your choices and decisions. If you choose eco-friendly materials for building you’ve done a small step for yourself, but a big one for the environment. If you already have a house, you can refit the bathroom in an environmentally-friendly way.


Replace Ceramics With Wood
Having a TrulyEarth-Friendly Bathroom is Easier than You ThinkMost people consider ceramic tiles a basis for any bathroom scenario. Not only will wooden flooring completely change the entire tone of your bathroom, they will also contribute to the sense of warmth and sensuality. Before you start asking about poor rainforests which are being devastated for lumber, you need to know that not every type of wood comes from endangered trees.

What is more, if you find a product labeled with “green” statement you can be sure that it comes from areas with renewable resources, and not form protected primeval forests. And in addition, wood flooring doesn’t require baking in furnaces and energy consumption like ceramic tiles, and it is biodegradable.


State-of-the-Art Toilets
Some newer models of toilets already have the water consumption control feature. In a recent conversation with the people who run a Sydney-based company specialized in bathroom renovations, it was brought to my attention that they also come with a range of convenient options, like a thermometer that measures the bathroom temperature and warms the seat in the cold days. But more importantly they can also control the amount of water you spend in the shower.

The latest solution is a toilet tank installed under the sink. This ingenious solution collects the water that you use for washing your hands, shaving, etc. and uses it one more time to flush the toilet. It may not look like a water-saving investment, but over time, the amount of water you save shall prove otherwise.


Having a TrulyEarth-Friendly Bathroom is Easier than You ThinkSmart as a Shower
Now this is a tough one for people who like nothing more than taking a spa under the shower. But just compare the bills before and after installation of a shower timer.

And if you have an attitude that you can waste as much water as you like because you are paying for it, than you don’t understand the value of the Blue Planet. Shower time limiters are affordable and what they do is turn off the water after you reach the time limit.




Learn from the Entrepreneurs
Having a TrulyEarth-Friendly Bathroom is Easier than You ThinkOne step further is installing motion sensor taps. They are already widely used in public bathrooms, restaurants and pubs, where the industrious owners save every cent on the water bills, while keeping the whole place spotless. This useful feature not only saves money but is also eco-friendly, and you can have it in your own bathroom.

You must be aware that letting the water flow while you are brushing your teeth is an absolutely unnecessary waste of water. On the other hand if a motion sensor switches it off and then back on after a minute or two, you have a perfectly-timed. The key point of this story is that being pro-green is not enough. Only the decisions you make, starting from this very day will make the difference.

“Photo Credit : Pixabay