Renovating a home does not have to be limited solely to improving its aesthetic appeal and functionality. Going through all that hard work can be a perfect opportunity to improve your home’s energy efficiency, something that is becoming increasingly important bearing in mind the day and age we live in and all the environmental issues we are experiencing. If this is a subject you are interested in,let us provide an objective insight into the matter of home energy retrofits and inspire you to apply them to your property and join the circle of environmentally conscious people.

Budget considerations

Home Energy Retrofits: An Objective InsightFirst of all, turning your house or a flat into an energy efficient home is a costly venture, make no mistake about it. However, in the long run it is a well-worth one, as well. Your heating and cooling bills will be significantly reduced and that alone will make the investment smart. Furthermore, bearing in mind the fact that energy efficiency is closely related to climate change, by improving yours you will help mitigate this burning issue and help the environment.


Home Energy Retrofits: An Objective InsightProper insulation is by all means a necessary starting point in turning any home into an energy efficient one. Outside walls are the center of attention when it comes to insulation and only by covering all problematic areas you will be off to a great start that will be further upgraded with the subsequent steps. Although full house insulation may turn out to be costly, its long-term effects and the savings it provides over the years need to be taken into account to get the full picture. In a word, it is well-worth the price.

Window improvements

Regardless of how superior insulation you chose to install or any other improvement you made are, you cannot have a truly energy efficient home without energy efficient windows. The choice of material plays a significant role, but not as significant as the faultless installment and the proper choice of glass. It is of utmost importance that the entire construction is airtight and the fact that quality window glasses bring up to 50% reduction on heating bill require no further explanation, say NZ’s experts for double glazed windows.

Change the and keep going

Home Energy Retrofits: An Objective InsightAlthough this move may seem trivial at the first glance, it makes a noticeable difference. Numerous studies have shown the advantages LED light bulbs have over traditional incandescent ones when it comes to energy consumption. If you apply the same principle to your other home appliances as well and when the time comes replace all your old electric equipment with new A+ or A++ models will provide a serious overall energy efficiency improvement.

Property value change

All the investments made will ultimately result in the fact that the overall value of your property will increase. This is a notion that should not be overlooked when the entire investment calculation is being made since it is another proof of the long-term profitability of the whole project you are considering to undergo.

As you can see, creating an energy efficient home is neither an easy nor a cheap task. Furthermore, even if you have an unlimited budget, you will not be able to finish it overnight since it may require serious structural work(s) and makeover. However, it is highly recommended, can be performed and completed in phases and brings substantial long-term benefits. By all means give it a serious thought.

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