How to Make Your Child's Room More Eco-FriendlyThe fact is that the planet earth quite ruined and that is why, in recent years, people are increasingly turning to green lifestyle and eco-friendly standards, although it is maybe too late. If you want to make your child’s room eco friendly here are some tips to do so.

Comfy Yet Environmentally-Friendly Bed
Try to find mattress for the child’s bed produced by small manufacturers and made of natural materials that does not contain polyester, oil or glue.  Organic mattresses are made from organic cotton and chemical-free wool, with natural rubber or latex. Using organic mattresses reduces exposure to toxic chemicals, and dust mites. Natural wool is a mite repellent, and insulates and absorbs moisture, which means it will stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

Look for micro-fibre linens which are not bleached or treated with any chemicals. If you choose to make your own sheets use only organic cotton; and if there are material leftovers use them to make soft pillows or cushions for the bed.

How to Make Your Child's Room More Eco-FriendlyWhere to find organic mattress and linens? Online sales took off around the world, and as eco-lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular, offer of these products on the internet is becoming richer. All you need is maybe just one click away. Also, be sure to ask the local producers and small businesses, from which materials they make their products, you might be surprised.
Floor And Walls
On the floor, in your child’s room, place the wooden parquet floor, do not use laminate or carpet from wall to wall. If you want the carpet, anyway, then use one made of the natural material, cotton or wool.
Paint the walls with colours that do not contain toxins. You can easily find eco-friendly paint in specialized stores.
Furniture And Toys
Furniture and toysConsider chairs made of recycled plastic. Look for tables made of recycled wood and decor items from yard sales, flea markets…Use eco-friendly decor pieces to environmentally complete kid’s bedroom.
Look for toys that are made of wood, bamboo, wool instead of the standard plastic ones. There is a large selection of eco toys on the market, from wooden 3D puzzle, to the wool stuffed animals, etc. It is proven that these toys have a longer life than plastic ones. If you do not want to buy new toys, you can make your own eco-friendly toy. Explore the Internet and you will definitely find a tutorial on how to make eco toys.
You can also visit the thrift stores, because there you can find very interesting used toys. If you buy some of these toys, the only thing you should do is to wash them in hot water before giving them to your child to play.

Keeping The Room Clean And Tidy
For cleaning your child’s room use only lukewarm water with a little soap or lemon juice for fragrance, forget about all the chemical products. You will save the money and your kid’s health this way.

By being environmentally conscious you are helping the people and the planet. Turn your child’s room into an eco-friendly room; involve the kid in the process and make sure that he or she understands why is important to be eco-friendly.