6546167707_22b70d28b7_oHow to Support Renewable Energy When On – Budget. As the Eco – friendly lifestyle gained popularity, the prices of the renewable energy and the energy – efficient appliances are dropping. But they are considerably more expensive than the commercial methods. For most of the people, installing a solar panel is a commodity when it comes to costs. The external conditions, such as the weather characteristics in a certain place, play important role. Sometimes the house is situated in a shady area and there is not enough sunlight penetration. Maybe you are renting the place and you can’t make any major renovations.

Luckily, you don’t need to install solar panels or get a windmill in your backyard to support the renewable energy. You can reduce the carbon emissions without any major investments by using clean energy.

Pick the Green Institutions
One way in which you can encourage the renewable energy production. You can indirectly invest in institution that is involved in green practices. For instance, deposit your money in a bank that donates funds to producers of renewable energy. In this way you are indirectly contributing to the reduction of the carbon emissions.

Go With the Big Green Leaders
Did you know that Google is investing in solar energy? Or that Apple gets most of its energy from green sources? IKEA has installed huge solar panels on its roofs, unlike Amazon that is still depending on coal. Your individual efforts may not have that big of an impact, but these big corporations can. If you show them that “green approach” is important to you as a consumer, they will take actions.

Buy Green Energy
The fluctuating prices of the conventional energy sources bring a lot of insecurity. The renewable energy sources act as a hedge against the inflation. You can also purchase green energy credits. In this way you are funding renewable production and you will off – set your electricity consumption.

Control Your Energy Consumption
Even if you can afford to buy renewable energy or to spend money on solar panels, you can contribute to the reduction of hazardous fossils. Even a simple house cleaning can make your home more energy – efficient. Cleaning the coils of your refrigerator will considerably decrease the energy consumption. Turn off the thermostat when you are in the house instead of lowering it. It will take less energy to warm a cold room, than to heat it day and night. If you are taking advantage of the conventional heating methods like fireplaces, cleaning the chimney is a must. If you can’t do it alone ask a professional cleaning service. This will not only make your appliance more energy – efficient, but it will also make it safer.

Express Your Position
You can boost the renewable energy production by voting for politicians that promote alternative energy. Elect people who are truly concerned with environment and understand the need for clean energy.

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