Organic cleaning - Cleaning Your Home The Natural WayThe biggest issue with today’s cleaning agents and products is that most of them are polluting out environment and poisoning our homes as well, which means that you should switch over to something that is organic and has less impact on your environment. Furthermore, your basic home supplies are enough to be used as cleaning agents, but you have to be careful what you combine with what; but in most cases, the simplest of solutions will be the best to clean your home, and they are absolutely safe for use.


The Magic Of Baking Soda
Arm & Hatchet baking soda

You might have already heard that baking soda is used for more than just baking, it has quite good cleaning properties as well, and if you combine it with water and different products found at home, you will be amazed just how many things you can clean with it. Combining it with essential oils will also leave a great smell and cleanliness behind as well, however be sure not to use too much, as the oils might damage certain surfaces. Baking soda paste is great for dealing with those hard to get rid of grime and dirt.

Cleaning Done Thorough
Organic cleaning - Cleaning Your Home The Natural WayIf you really want to get rid of dirt and if you want your home to be squeaky clean afterwards, then perhaps you should be using microfiber cloths more. They are great for dealing with really stubborn dirt, and these cloths are also great to clean the natural way as most of them will only need water to clean anyway. However, by using homemade cleaning agents, you can improve the overall efficiency of cleaning and making your home not only cleaner, but making the cleanliness last longer.

The Most Potent Of Scouring Powers
Organic cleaning - Cleaning Your Home The Natural WayDealing with stubborn dirt and grime might be difficult, and it will often require that you reach for chemicals; instead try out the all-natural homemade scouring powder recipe that will surely leave only cleanliness behind. Moreover, because it only uses natural ingredients, it will not damage any surface and it will be safe to use no matter where; just make sure that you do not scrub too hard as you might scratch the surface yourself. After a while though, you will notice that dirt and grime will not be as stubborn, and you will notice that your environment will get healthier as well.

Dealing With Garbage
Organic cleaning - Cleaning Your Home The Natural WayAlthough there are many recipes to deal with rubbish removal, it is often best to ask for advice on how to handle such rubbish. Not only will you have to be careful not to use something that will instigate further bacteria growth and infection chances, but you have to make sure that you kill off all the bacteria without dragging any back into your home. A combination of lemons, baking soda and vinegar will have enough power to deal with most nasty rubbish leftovers and odors as well, just make sure to scrub thoroughly and to aerate well afterwards.

Glass Cleaning Done Easy
Organic cleaning - Cleaning Your Home The Natural WayWith a combination of just water, vinegar and essential oils, for the after smell, you can create a really potent window cleaner that will leave absolutely no specks nor smudges behind. However, be sure to use a few drops of dish soap in your first concoction to get rid of detergent residue from the commercial window cleaners that you used before; after you remove the thin layer of commercial detergent though, you can use your homemade recipe without any worries anymore. You will soon notice that your windows are cleaner and that there are less smudges when all things considered.

Organic Cleaning
Organic cleaning - Cleaning Your Home The Natural Way
In essence, the best thing about cleaning the natural way is that you can use all your ingredients found at home, and even if you have to buy something, they are particularly cheap and easy to obtain. However, the magic they will provide and the potency with which they help you clean your home is simply magnificent. Soon enough though you will notice that your home is cleaner, and smells nicer, without having to clean as much as you had to do before. And with a combination of essential oils, you can make your home smell nicer as well.



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