Reducing Your Energy Bills and Staying Comfortable in the Heat

It’s getting hot out there, and you know what that means – higher energy bills! With summer here, though, you don’t really have a choice in the matter; it can get so hot during these warmer months that it can be hard to be comfortable in your own home, difficult to get to sleep, and you even risk heatstroke and dehydration when constantly surrounded by extremely warm weather. To avoid an epidemic of heatstroke in this country, we use air conditioning and cooling units, but is this really the most effective way to do things? After all, it costs us quite a bit of money to run those cooling units 24/7; you’d think that by now we would have come up with a way to save money and stay cool at the same time.

Fortunately, we have! There are many ways to reduce the cost of cooling your home while still maintaining a comfortable temperature. The trick is to actually put the effort in; it’s easy to simply flick a switch and have a cool and comfortable home, but much harder to put in all of the accessories and other alternative climate control methods. Yet despite the initial investment that you have to make to have a cooler, more energy-efficient home, over the years you will end up saving quite a bit of money. So what are these alternative climate control methods for summer?


1. Don’t Be Afraid of Window Units

Given the amount of electricity that a window unit uses, why not simply use your central air conditioning system, right? Yet when it’s at night or you’re only going to be spending time in a single room for any length of time, it is often better and more cost-efficient to simply use a window unit and spare yourself the cost of cooling the rest of the house.


2. Close Your Vents

Hot air rises, cool air falls; that is a simple fact of physics (if something of a misnomer…) that we all learn fairly early. So why don’t we apply that knowledge to our daily lives in a practical way? You have a variety of vents throughout your house, all of them designed to help air flow and maintain equal temperature throughout your home. However, during warmer months when you’re trying to cool down, your basement is already cool enough; close the vents leading down there to save some AC for yourself on the first and second floor!


3. Light & Heat

Light seems innocent enough – it helps you see, and can really brighten up your home and keep it from looking like a cave. Yet what does a cave have that your home doesn’t? A nice, cool climate. That’s because light – both artificial and natural – isn’t shining on it 24/7. By being conservative about when lights are on and when they are off in your home, you can reduce the amount of heat those lights give off, thereby reducing the amount of work your air conditioning system has to put in to keep you cool!

This isn’t all you can do to reduce costs for you, however; you can install blinds and drapes that keep light from getting into your home during the hottest hours of the day. You can try to keep your temperature at a nice, even 78 degrees! There are so many ways to manage air conditioning costs that the list seems almost endless. What’s important, however, is your bottom line – and with these methods, you will see it reduced.

About The author

+Ken Uhrich likes to stay cool and keeps his house the same. He regularly blogs and gives home improvement tips on the Custom Home Group website.