Renewable energy sources are originally derived from the power of the Sun’s radiation. All types of the renewable energy source are considered  the most Ancient and the most modern types of energy that are used now by humans.
Solar Energy: The Main Source Of Energy
Solar Energy ,both in the forms of direct solar radiation and indirect solar radiation “Such as water or wind power” are  considered the main source of energy in which all early human societies were based. As when early humans first used fire they were actually harnessing the power of photosynthesis.

Examples Of How solar Energy Is The Main Source Of All Energy Types
1- The solar-driven process by which plants are created from water and from the atmosphere around it “carbon dioxide”.
2- Scientists  are working in developing new techniques to harness the movement of wind and water which is caused by solar heating of the oceans.

Being around The era of progress ,Communicants now becomes more advanced and architectures begun to design building in a way which could take advantages of the sun’s energy, How? That’s could be by enhancing their natural use of light and heat ,which will help reduce the use of artificial Sources of heating and lighting.

The Techniques of harnessing the power of the sun. water ,wind are actually continuing to develop throughout the early years of industrial revolution ,but around these years the advantage of coals the first and the most plentiful of fossil fuels has become really apparent ,As it Started to cover the needs of energy which for sure had replaced the the renewable sources of energy.

The Facts of how fossil fuels could cause a series damage to the environment Such as air pollution and also mining accidents  have been voiced for several centuries, but with the prices of fossil fuels which were rising in beginning of 1970 ,Humans took this way too seriously also the possibilities of fossil fuels running out made them start searching for a replacement since then.

After World War II ,Nuclear energy appeared it was considered as a cheap ,clean ,and plentiful of fossil fuels ,but the development of nuclear energy has stopped due to concerns about cost ,safety and waste disposal.

That made our minds to think about how clean renewable energy sources are they are harmless to the people and to the environment , don’t emit any harmful gases into the atmosphere. and the what most countries discovered and they already started to install a huge solar panel farms ,and also wind turbine farms including the use of the other types of renewable energy like geothermal energy and hydro energy and so on .

Take Notice
Fossil Fuel is about to end so there is no way but using renewable energy Sources for producing electricity, so just trying to reduce the use of fossil fuels and increase the dependency on renewable energy source will save us a lot later in the future.


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