Spending Time Outdoors Brings You Closer to NatureBeing stuck at work for nine or ten hours and spending the rest of the day resting, sleeping or commuting to and from work leaves us with very little time for outdoor activities and things that are not house-based. Whether it is time in the garden, or in the nature, or, after all, somewhere away from your home, stepping out of your comfort zone and into the wild is beneficial both to your mental and physical health. People who spend time outdoors feel healthier, look better and have fewer worries than those who do not see the light of day. Therefore, here are some of the benefits that can inspire you to spend more time in the open.

Physical Benefits
Spending Time Outdoors Brings You Closer to Nature
Being surrounded by sunlight is most desired in the spring, after several cold months you just had to spend indoors – there is no point walking or jogging when it is -20° C. However, starting from April, sunlight is everywhere around you and it can produce positive effects through vitamin D’s production which lowers the risk of cancer – especially colon cancer – and helps cure weight problems. Moreover, it does wonders when it comes to lowering risks of heart attacks.

It has been proven that sunlight exposure lowers blood pressure because the skin releases nitric oxide connected to pressure and for people suffering from this condition, time spent out of the house could be the easiest way of dealing with it. Additionally, a couple of hours of daily Sun will make your bones, as well as your teeth, stronger and more durable.

Mental Benefits
Spending Time Outdoors Brings You Closer to Nature
In addition to this, being outdoors assists your sleep and has a positive effect on its quality – imagine going to sleep after a whole day in the nature and waking up relaxed and rejuvenated in the morning. There is no better feeling than that! Also, you will be more tranquil and prepared for the duties to come and will manage to fights stress more easily. Finally, outdoor life reduces anxiety, depression and symptoms of attention deficit disorder.

As for people working in the creative industry, a simple walk around the park or an afternoon spent mountaineering can boost their creativity and the ability to solve problems. It is not surprising that many well-known authors, including Ernest Hemingway, Patrick White and Søren Kierkegaard, preferred nature over urban environment.

How to Ensure Quality Time in the Open?
Spending Time Outdoors Brings You Closer to Nature
When speaking of ways to spend time in the open, this is a highly individual category that is shaped according to each person’s preferences. Numerous people opt for the most obvious solution – a nature park, a walk around the town or a visit to the seaside – but some of them prefer other options. Renting a bicycle is quite popular nowadays and more people seem to choose this tactics than even before because it is beneficial to their health as well as spirit.

Also, those who live in a house and are lucky enough to have a big garden can make themselves a nice little outdoor piece of Heaven with their plants and flowers. They can spend hours and hours in the open and, if they have a structure that provides shade – such as a pergola, an umbrella or even a handy, affordable shade sail – not even rain can prevent their good times.

Dos and Don’ts
Kama'ole Beach one, Burning Sun with Boat, Kihei, Maui, HawaiiOf course, too much Sun can harm skin of certain people and cause negative effects, so those who decide to be in the open for several hours should be aware of this. However, despite potential risks, time spent outdoors has more positive benefits than you can think of and should definitely be a part of your daily routine.


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