One of the most important rooms in every home, the bathroom should be designed with functionality and safety in mind. Still, why settle for expediency alone if you can have a dash of style and a handful of green properties as a boon? If you want your lavatory to be your private heaven that’s sustainable and elegant in the long run, consider one of the following tips: after all, the only healthy bathroom is the one that’s good for the environment too.


Out with health hazards: Oust mold
Healthy Bathroom
A common problem in most bathrooms that lack adequate ventilation, mold can take over your walls, fixtures and ceilings in a blink of an eye. If not tackled adequately and on time, mold can cause a number of health problems, including asthma, allergies and respiratory infections. In order to oust bathroom mold, remove heat- and humidity-producing elements from the room, install a window or outfit your loo with a fan.


Germs and bacteria at bay: Isolate the toilet
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The toilet bowl is a hotpot of bacteria, germs and other nasty microorganisms. To prevent the tiny foulness from spreading across the bathroom area, relocate your toilet away from the sink and bathtub, or find a way to isolate it from the rest of the room. The last thing you want is a germ infestation in the making right there on your toothbrush – and this is a highly likely scenario in loos where the toilet and essential toiletries sit peacefully next to each other.


Bathroom management: Say no to resource waste
Healthy Bathroom
Since bathroom is an indoor area that’s devoted primarily to hygiene, odds are it’s also the room where you’re wasting far more water and energy necessary for its heating than you can imagine. To cut your utility bills and show some kindness to the planet, fix leaks around your loo, switch from standard to water-efficient shower heads and faucet add-ons and turn off the tap whenever you’re not using it.


Safety first: Watch your step
Healthy Bathroom
However much you may love long showers, you should never forget that the bathroom is also one of the most dangerous areas in your home, claim experienced plumbers from Central Coast. Electricity and water make a fatal combo, to say nothing of slippery surfaces and sharp edges, so getting a non-slip floor cover may be a wise choice. Also, don’t leave dirty laundry and various objects lying around the floor – you may trip and wind up painfully strewn across moist tiles.


Spare a green penny: Opt for eco-friendly toiletries
Healthy Bathroom
Another way to make your bathroom green is to switch from regular to earth-friendly supplies. The price difference is insignificant considering the benefits for both your health and the planet. If you’re crafty and resourceful, you can even make green cleaning supplies on your own – this is also a far more budget-friendly alternative to industrial chemicals that may prove detrimental to your skin, respiratory system and your well-being as a whole.

Going green is not as difficult as it may look: it takes just a little extra care, awareness and perhaps a little bit extra money, but the benefits for your safety, health, the look of your loo and Mother Nature are definitely worth it. Be green whenever and wherever you can – it’s up to each and every individual to help make the world a better, healthier and safer place.



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