#TOP10 - The 10 Best Solar Cooking Books
#TOP10 – The 10 Best Solar Cooking Books. Solar Cooking is becoming so popular nowadays because of the ever increasing awareness in renewable energy and its different sources,and how it makes such a good effect on the Environment. So every little act does a lot That’s why harnessing the sun power in cooking become so poplar as people have finally found a clean and efficient way of cooking without doing any harm.

So I have made below a complete guide full of 10 books that can guide you all the way in your solar cooking process along with some recipe within it. So Take A Look!



Cooking with Sunshine: The Complete Guide to Solar Cuisine with 150 Easy Sun-Cooked Recipes (Paperback)

What could be more entertaining and magical than putting food into a cardboard box outdoors on a sunny day and taking it out fully cooked a few hours later? Solar cooking — a safe, simple cooking method using the sun’s rays as the sole heat source — has been known for centuries and can be done at least during the summer in just about any place where there’s sun. In Cooking with Sunshine, Lorraine Anderson and Rick Palkovic provide everything you need to know to cook great sun-fueled meals. They describe how to build your own inexpensive solar cooker, explain how solar cooking works and its benefits over traditional methods, offer more than 100 tasty recipes emphasizing healthy ingredients, and suggest a month’s worth of menu ideas.
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Solar Cooking for Home & Camp: How to Make and Use a Solar Cooker (Paperback)

Quickly toss together the ingredients for Cashew Curry, place it in the solar cooker, point the cooker to the midday sun, and head to work. You’ll come home to a ready-to-eat hot meal. Solar cooking is a simple and easy way to prepare a meal without heating up the kitchen, simply by using the sun’s heat.

Perfect for dishes requiring delicate cooking like Cheese Strata and Solar Baked Custard, and fish cooks up moist. Eliminate parboiling and marinating–it’s done all in one step.

  • Make your own solar box or folding panel cooker
  • Easy recipes that can be made with little preparation at home or in camp
  • Side dishes and snacks, soups, stews, chilies, fish and seafood, casseroles, pasta, and baked goods
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    Solar Cooking Adventures (Kindle Edition)

    A basic guide to solar cooking and low cost solar ovens. The solar recipes include ingredient substitutions and different baking times depending on location and time of year. Plus some camping and outdoor tips and stories. Good black and white solar oven pictures. Jackass Jill and her donkeys, Shaggy and Willy, provide entertainment in this unusual cookbook. Jackass Jill has been a columnist for Gold Prospectors and The Brayer magazines since 1996.
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    Cooking with the Sun: How to Build and Use Solar Cookers (Paperback)

    Cooking with the sun shows how to harness the sun’s energy in preparing food. It presents detailed plans, liberally illiustrated with line drawings and photos, for building solar ovens that can cook a 12 pound turkey in three hours, and a solar reflector “hot plate” that perks coffee and cooks steak, bacon and eggs, hot cakes and other stove-top meals. The oven will reach temperatures of 375 degrees F, and the “hot plate” 650 degrees F.
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    An Outdoor Kitchen Full of Sunshine (Paperback)

    An Outdoor Kitchen Full of Sunshine – Cooking Outside in a Solar Oven. Saving money is the key to a large family. No one know better than author, Kris Mazy, mom of 7 amazing children. In this book, Kris shares cooking using a solar oven. You can make incredible meals, save money on power and propane and spend more time with your family. You Can Cook using the Sun’s Energy! Over 100 Recipes that you can make and create user your solar oven. Kris has spent the last 3 years creating solar oven recipes to allow more play-time with her ever-growing family. And that was exactly what this mom of 7 was shooting for! From Breads to Desserts, Mains to Sides, Cooking Outside Using a Solar Oven is fast, easy and saves money! Kris has also shared all of her solar oven gluten-free recipes. Over 50 recipes are labled as gluten-free in this book. Enjoy delicious recipes while saving time and money.
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    Solar StoveTop Cooker : Pattern, Instructions, Recipes (Paperback)

    Imagine a solar cooker just like the grill on the top of your stove that when you focus it to the sun it will reach 650 degrees F within minutes and only weighs 3 pounds. It will hold a 15″ frying pan for grilling sandwiches, frying chicken, poaching fish, or making pizza. It will hold a pot of water for steaming corn or vegtables, and a coffee pot for perking coffee. The Solar StoveTop Cooker is like moving your stove outside except it is lightweight and portable–you can take it anywhere. You don’t have to plug it in and it’s a lot more fun to use. The pattern makes it easy to build. All the critical angles that are important to get the proper focal point have been included. All you have to do is cut them out, trace them onto cardboard and assemble the cooker. There is no figuring to do and just a weekend of work. Included is a 16 page instruction booklet that lists all materials needed to build this amazing cooker. It gives complete and easy step-by-step assembly instructions with 27 illustrations and photos, offers a few recipes and resources for more solar cooking information, including a solar cooking discussion group on the web. There is even a phone number to call if you run into problems or if you just want to talk to an expert. For a weekend of work you’ll be cooking outside with free heat from the sun, with no smoke or pollution, without ever using a single kilowatt of commercial power, and you’ll be doing something good for the environment.
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    Solar Cooking (Paperback)

    Harness the sun’s energy to cook your food. More than three dozen recipes for everything from soup to baked goods. Includes plans for making a low-cost solar cooker out of materials found around the house.
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    Solar Cooking: Different Types of Solar Cookers: The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Solar Cookers and What Will Work Best For You (Kindle Edition)


    If you want to understand the various types of solar cookers out there, if you want to cook your food for free, have fun with the family, enjoy the outdoors and simply relax for a change, this book will empower you to do all of the above
    Regardless of who you are, what your occupation is or how long you have or have not been solar cooking, you can kickstart a fascinating an interesting solar cooking pursuit today.

    • You will not need to spend 4 hours a day trying to learn the skill, this is probably the easiest practical hobby out there
    • You will not need to embark on a time-consuming quest to understand what the different makes of solar cookers are and how each solar cooker work
    • Understand the pros and cons of each type of solar cooker and what will work best for you and why
    • Each conceptual design and practical application is revealed
    • An easy to follow, step-by-step guide even for someone starting out in solar cooking
    • Simple instructions and clear diagrams
    • Enjoy delicious, mouth-watering meals while saving time and money
    • Want a simple but effective formula that gets you consistent and repeatable results every time, guaranteed
    • You get to harness the power of the sun for free and have fun at the same time

    If you want to make a permanent investment in a wonderful outdoors passion scroll to the top of the page and select the Buy button, and begin the solar cooking journey today!

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    All My Secrets of Organic and Container Gardening (So Far), or, Bucket Mania Meets Solar Cooking! (Kindle Edition)

    This book offers valuable tips on seed starting, indoor and container gardening, homemade soil mixes and compost, season extending and passive temperature control, conserving water, insect and weed control methods, planting zones and weather, seed saving and amateur plant breeding, old-fashioned stump removal, and more! It includes a section on how to save money through solar canning, dehydration, and cooking with your own homemade solar cooker. With information and topics that are seldom even mentioned in other gardening books, there is something to think about (and try!) for gardeners at every level of experience.
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    And this One Is For Drying You Food


    The Solar Food Dryer: How to Make and Use Your Own Low-Cost, High Performance, Sun-Powered Food Dehydrator (Paperback)

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