Renewable Energy For Kids – The 10 Best Renewable Energy Educational Kits

Renewable Energy For Kids - The 10 Best Renewable Energy Educational Kits
Renewable Energy For Kids – The 10 Best Renewable Energy Educational Kits.

You might be knowing the enormous benefits of renewable energy for the Earth ,but you might think that you need your kids or your students to know just like you how renewable energy is really important. But on the other hand Renewable energy might be a hard topic that can not be easy explained to small children.

Therefore There are some useful Renewable energy kits which allow kids to make small renewable energy modules ,which really help kids to fully understand renewable energy industry, and how does it work . Next are the 10 best renewable energy kits for kids education.


Snap Circuits Alternative Energy Green
  • Learn about "Green Energy" options
  • Build over 125 projects investigating alternative energy strategies
  • Includes full-color manual with over 100 pages and separate educational manual
  • Contains over 40 parts; Features: Hand Crank Solar Cell FM Radio Energy Compartment Rechargeable Battery Windmill Clock Analog Meter
  • Compatible with the Snap Circuits family of electronic learning kits
K’NEX Education – Renewable Energy Set – 583 Pieces...
  • Builds 9 Renewable Energy Models from K'NEX!
  • Wind, Solar and Hydro Powered models that are all operational!
  • Compare and contrast the power and efficiency of three different alternative energy sources
  • Models focus on physical science concepts such as force, motion, simple machines, leverage, mechanical advantage, work, energy and efficiency.
  • Comprehensive teacher's guide aligned to NSES, ITEEA, NCTM and Common Core Mathematics standards included.
K'NEX Education - Investigating Solar Energy Set
  • Build 3 fully-functioning replicas of real-world solar energy systems (up to 2 at a time)
  • Provides hands-on study of solar power and the process of scientific inquiry
  • Includes 128 K'NEX parts, solar panel, and motor, all packaged in a convenient storage box
  • Designed for grades 5-9; includes building instructions and comprehensive Teacher's Guide
  • Aligned to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) concepts national standards
OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot
  • This solar powered robot can be transformed into 14 different robot modes
  • Powered by the sun - no batteries required
  • Two levels of building skill levels so the beginner and experienced robot builder will be equally engaged
  • Excellent addition to a home-school curriculum
  • OWI products are made in Taiwan - Include 4 color packaging in English
Thames & Kosmos Wind Power 2.0
  • Electricity generating turbines
  • Build wind powered generators to energize your electric vehicles and charge your rechargeable batteries
  • Kit includes two styles of wind turbine blades and a gearbox with three different gear ratios for experimenting.
  • Explore this amazing free source of renewable energy
  • Kit comes with everything you need
Thames & Kosmos Alternative Energy and Environmental Science...
  • Build a working wind turbine
  • Harness mechanical energy from wind to lift weights
  • Generate electricity to light and LED and charge a battery
  • Learn the physics of wind turbines
  • Discover how wind occurs and why it is such a promising energy source
Thames and Kosmos Alternative Energy and Environmental...
  • 12 experiments and building projects
  • Harness mechanical energy from water to do physical work
  • Generate electricity to light an LED
  • Learn the physics of water turnies
  • Discover why hydropower is a promising source of energy
Thames & Kosmos Air + Water Power
  • Pneumatic hydraulic engines
  • Build your own models powered by air and water pressure
  • Construct 15 models
  • Compete with your friends to see whose water jet propelled car and hydro pneumo car goes the farthest
  • Kit comes with everything you need
Thames & Kosmos Power House (V 2.0)
  • With this kit, you can learn about alternative energy and sustainable living by building energy-related models and conducting 100 experiments.
  • Hook up a photovoltaic solar panel to generate electricity from sunlight.
  • Build wind turbines to extract energy from the wind.
4M Tin Can Robot
  • The 4M Tin Can Robot teaches the value of recycling by repurposing a used can into a fun and functional robot.
  • No special tools or knowledge required; the kit contains detailed instructions and all the necessary parts.
  • Just add a used soda pop can and let the fun begin.
  • Use the kit to create a silly robot or a motorized monster, or a combination of the two.
  • Requires one AA batteries (not included). Recommended for ages 8 years and up. Works well and long with Polaroid Batteries.