Becoming environmentally aware is something that shouldn’t at all be taken lightly this day and age. Bathrooms are usually not regarded as the biggest rooms of a home, but the amount of useless wasting that goes on there surpasses most other rooms in these terms. Water, paper, electricity even – these tiny rooms drain the lot of it. Furthermore, cleaning products aren’t really regarded as most natural liquids and materials out there. This is why the world would benefit greatly if everyone was to become environmentally aware of the difference they, as individuals could bring about.


Motion Sensor Faucets

Upgrade Your Bathroom to Eco-FriendlyUp until recently, you could only see these technological marvels in restaurant and hotel facilities. Nowadays, however, these have become a thing of popularity within private homes. People tend to waste water unintentionally, especially when brushing their teeth. This type of a faucet simply prevents you from maintaining a regular water flow, on purpose, or otherwise. In addition, these gadgets help you prevent germ spreading, seeing as how there aren’t any faucet handles involved.

Shower Flow

Upgrade Your Bathroom to Eco-FriendlyLet’s admit it; we all love a good old lengthy, steaming shower. Not only does this provide psychological benefits, but it relaxes our muscles and provides a feeling of enjoyment in general. So what could you do in order to become ‘greener’ in this department? Well, if you can’t refrain from resting in the hot shower for a long time, a low-flow shower head might just be the way to go. Besides the obvious fact that you are lowering the amount of water wasted, you are saving up on the amount of energy needed for water heating. So not only can you become eco-friendly this way, but also end up saving hundreds of dollars in the process.

Toilet Flow

Did you know that old bathrooms use up a staggering amount of as much as 7 gallons of water per flush? Much like the low-flow shower heads, a low-flow toilet is a great way to green your bathroom. Worried about weak flush flow? No worries, flushing twice still saves up gallons. Why should you spend equal amount of water when flushing, regardless whether you’re going number one or two? This is why any plumber in Sydney will recommend a dual-flushing toilet – one button for liquid waste; another for solid waste.

Improve Your Ventilation System

Upgrade Your Bathroom to Eco-FriendlySwitching to an eco-friendly vent fan can do wonders in coloring your bathroom green. Even though these are usually switched on only a few times a day, an energy-efficient fan can save you up to 60% of energy, which works benefits both for the environment, as well as your very own pocket. Here’s a tip: run your fan during showers and keep them on for 15 minutes afterwards – this will help you avoid suffering from wall issues due to air moisture, which can not only bleed you dry, but even more importantly – turn into a serious health issue.

Bath Products

Upgrade Your Bathroom to Eco-FriendlyBath towels, hand soaps, toilet paper – you name it – it can all be greener than it currently is. Opt for certified, green and organic products if you want to make sure you’re doing your best to help our environment. Moreover, various petrochemicals aren’t only highly damaging to the environment, but can directly provide negative impact on your own health. There are plenty eco-friendly and sustainable products out there, so don’t refrain from digging into this concern a bit.

Maintaining a healthy, environmentally-conscious bathroom is easier than you might think. On top of it all, not only does running one that is eco-friendly healthier, but it tends to be a cheaper solution. Therefore, there is no reason for you to hesitate anymore – start painting that white room proverbially green right now!


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