The enormous energy potential of ocean’s wave energy has actually been known throughout the history ,but That was only in the recent times.  As since when oil crisis appeared in 1970s ,

Wave Energy As A Natural Energy Source

The attention was more focused on generating electricity and increasing the amount of power by using natural energy sources.By that time taking benefits of ocean’s wave energy to generate power was explored in more details.

Experiments Have Revealed The Importance Of Wave Energy
Researches on ocean’s wave energy has pointed out that  several techniques and methods were practical and many areas and regions around the world were shown to have the potential coastal wave energy Which is really ideal to convert it into power.

The International Energy Agency showed that wave energy could provide over 10% of the world’s current electricity supply, some of the wave energy prototypes has already been deployed in several countries ( Japan ,Norway .China ,India ,United Kingdom ,Portugal ,Australia and Ireland )

Particularly ,In Australia ,Ireland And united kingdom. These countries have actually a lot of support and also know well the importance of this source of energy , as there are many investment companies ,electric utilities ,small commercial companies in addition to the government itself are working all together in  developing wave energy devices.

Factors That Have An Impact On Wave Energy In Coastal Areas
The earlier use of wave energy was restricted To coastal regions , But In 2002 More Offshore methods and techniques were started to be considered.

In coastal regions ,There are a a lot of factors that affect wave energy ,the type of the coastline and near-shore  bottom topography affect directly the energy that wave provides at the coastline.

That’s besides Other factors that affect directly the wave power availability at the coast and they are :A surfboard is swallowed up by a huge wave at Waimea shorebreak, on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

-wave breaking.
-Sea bottom roughness.
-coastal refraction & diffraction.


Units Of Measurement For Wave Energy
The wave power resource expressed often in the terms of it’s power level which is the energy available in each meters of a wave crest ,the Main units of measurement are kilowatt per meter for local areas and megawatt per kilometer for large areas.

Exploitation Of Wave Energy
In many counties around the world there are a lot of ideal coastal wave climate places which would be good for exploitation wave energy in a better way ,this means that wave energy could cover all the energy demands.

Advantages of Wave Energy
Like all renewable energy sources ,Wave energy is an environment-friendly as wave energy devices don’t emit any kinda of gases which are  might be harmful to atmosphere or solid emissions or even any kinda of poisoned liquids ,so wave energy considered to be non-polluting source.

Disadvantage Of Wave Power
The constructions of wave power Schemes do have some bad impacts on the environment Most of these impacts are site-specific ,As it cannot be evaluated until the Site of the wave energy location is chosen ,so finding the ideal site for installing wave energy projects might be having less effects on the environment.

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